Chad P – “King Peezy” (Album Review)

Atlanta is a hotbed for Hip Hop, home to some of the most prolific artists of in the last two decades. Chad P comes through with his newest album, “King Peezy,” and with it, an attempt to carry on that Dirty South legacy.

If you are a fan of smooth flows and heavy 808 kicks, “King Peezy” might be right up your alley. One of the hardest things for a rising artist to master is meshing their flow to the beat. Chad seems to have zero struggle with this concept at all. Every song on the album is a display of near perfect timing and cadence, and it stands out clearly to me as a testament to his dedication to the craft. Nearly every hook and every verse is delivered with a buttery smoothness and comes together perfectly with its accompanying instrumental.

Speaking of instrumentals, every track on the album is distinct and robust. Nothing feels hollow or underdeveloped. Each detail, from the hi hats to the kick drum, to the synths and the melodic ensembles, all has an important influence on the overall sound and tone of their respective instrumentals. So with great flows and solid production, why isn’t “King Peezy” one of the best albums of 2020? Well, Chad P doesn’t really say anything interesting in any of the thirteen songs he released for the album.

Generic lyricism isn’t a bad thing. It just fails to captivate the attention of Rap fans such as myself. We listen to Hip Hop for the wordplay that you don’t catch until your second or third listen, the metaphors and punchlines that make you double take, and the feeling that you are witnessing true genius delivered in audio form. While Chad P is not a terrible lyricist and does provide some decent punches here and there, his subject matter is derivative and already so played out that it is genuinely hard to be inventive and creative any more. We’ve heard just about every “I’m so rich” and “I got bitches” punchline there is, so an artist is going to have to utilize some seriously off the wall writing to make those concepts even remotely interesting. But again, I’m part of a unique breed of Hip Hop heads. My opinions are not shared with everyone else who loves the genre, so you may like “King Peezy” more than I do, you may not. Either way, the trajectory his Chad P’s career will no doubt be an interesting one to follow.

Rating: 6.5/10

Highlights: Flow, Production

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