Celebs Are Responding To A Heartbreaking Video Of A Child Discussing How He Gets Bullied At School

This is such a sad story, but the way it’s turning out now, it’s pretty remarkable and just goes to show the power of social media!!!

Keaton Jones is a bullied Tennessee student who is the subject of a video — made by his mother — that has now gone viral over the weekend. In the video, Keaton recounts being bullied at school and wonders why he’s being treated so poorly by his classmates.

But then something incredible happened — after Keaton’s mom posted the video, it blew up on social media, and now celebs from all walks of life are reaching out to support the bullied student!

First, here’s Keaton’s sad story about what’s been going on for him at school (below):

Fortunately, celebs have taken note, and they aren’t being shy about throwing up their support (below):

WOW!!!! What an incredible response!!!

Keaton’s mom even took to social media to share her VERY shocked — and very mature — reaction to the outpouring of love (below):

“Friends, overwhelmed is the understatement of the world right now. … I’m humbled by the voice my boy has been given, but he’s still just a little boy, & he’s a little boy who desperately wants acceptance, that I have to try to find a way to navigate him through the difference in true acceptance & attention. I know God has His hand in this, & I trust that the right things will happen in the right time. In the meantime, bear with us. #FINE.”


You’re the man, Keaton Jones!!!

[Image via Facebook.]

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