Cardi B's Deposition Video & Texts With Offset Will Stay Sealed, Judge Rules

Cardi B and her former manager Shaft have been in a lengthy legal battle since last year. Her former manager claimed that she breached their contract after she moved on to another manager. She’s set to be deposed and asked the judge to keep her deposition videos and text messages with her husband sealed. Although Shaft tried to get that request shut down, Cardi B emerged victorious in her request.

According to The Blast, a judge has ruled that the video footage and written transcript of Cardi B’s deposition will remain sealed. The Court concludes that the status of Belcalis Almanzar as a person of public interest, as well as the privacy interest enjoyed by any litigant, strongly counsel in favor of limiting the use of the video version of the deposition. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that the video version of the deposition of Belcalis Almanzar shall be used only for purposes of this litigation and shall not be filed or otherwise disseminated to any member of the public without permission of the Court,” the judge ruled.

Cardi expects to be questioned by Shaft a variety of topics pertaining to the business they dealt with together. She also felt that Shaft, who she claimed tried to interfere in her relationship, will question her on her private conversations with Offset and her finances. 

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