Cardi B Pulls Up To Court With Furry Coat Dragging For Strip Club Beatdown Case

Cardi B definitely knows how to make a statement whenever she pulls up anywhere. The rapper has always shown out when it comes to major events as one of the most fashionable figures but that’s not only reserved for award shows and performances. Cardi makes sure even when she shows up to court, she’s still flexin’ on em.

TMZ caught a video of Cardi B pulling up to court today for a hearing in the strip club beatdown case. Cardi, as she’s previously done, pulled up in style with a long furry coat dragging behind her. She didn’t seem stressed about the case from the brief clip. Instead, she waved at fans who yelled her name and made her way in. 

The court hearing itself wasn’t anything special. It was quite short without any new developments happening. Cardi will be expected to show up in court for the next hearing in January.

The case stems from the alleged attack of two strip club bartenders, Jade, who is also 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, and Baddie G. Cardi rejected a plea deal in the case in August 2018 and earlier this year, she pled not guilty to new charges including second degree attempted assault. She was initially indicted on twelve charges. Among them were two counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury.

David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

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