Cardi B, French Montana, Yo Gotti & More Sued For Jacking A Beat Without Paying

Kirk Edwards who goes by DJ JMK has named a number of influential musicians in his lawsuit since he’s accusing them all of stealing samples from one of his tracks without giving him proper credit or paying. According to TMZ, Cardi B, French Montana, Yo Gotti, City Girls and Master P are all being called on for using the beat  “Choppa Style,” that’s currently sitting with over nine-million views on YouTube. 

JMK claims that Cardi B and City Girls used a sample of his track on their notable collaboration “Twerk” while Yo Gotti and French Montana sampled his beat on their 2017 hit “Oh Yeah.” According to legal documents, JMK says he made the beat in November of 2000 and would play his track at clubs he would DJ at. He says all the artists have “misappropriated many of the recognizable and key protected elements” when they illegally used his work. He’s suing for copyright infringement for an unspecified amount. 


Speaking of Cardi B, the “Press” rapper recently clapped back at any trolls who were making fun of Yung Miami after she was the subject of a studio shooting. “Y’all love to joke around! Just remember those little comments that y’all be doing for clout, that shit ain’t worth bad karma to you, bitch,” Cardi said. “‘Cause that karma come! Y’all want to be fucking funny in the comments, hoe? That shit come right back to you, bitch. Your baby father might get clapped up. Or your mama.”

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