Cara Delevingne Hopes To Use Her Voice As An Author To Reach Struggling Teens

OK, Cara Delevingne officially does it all.

The 24-year-old models, acts, designs, sings, draws penises… and now writes books!

The UK native just penned her first young adult novel called Mirror, Mirror, which she hopes will reach and inspire her teenage audience.

As the cover star of Elle‘s September issue, Cara opened up about her “lonely” time as a teen and how she plans to use her platform now to be a role model for struggling kids.

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Here are the highlights (below):

On the most difficult time in her life:

“Probably [as] a teenager, especially with school and not giving yourself a breakThat was the biggest lesson I had to learn: to communicate my emotions properly. I’m still learning how to do that. It felt like I was completely alone and I couldn’t express myself because I felt ashamed of my emotions. I want to make sure that kids realize that emotions and vulnerability are important and should be spoken about.”

That tough period was one of the biggest inspirations for her turning to writing:

“I’ve always had this wonderful connection with teenagersJust having girls message me being like, ‘I’m really dealing with the pressure of my thoughts, my friends, eating disorders.’ That kind of thing, where I was like, I have an opportunity to really be there for them and helpbe a voice for teens and be honest as to how I suffered as a teenager.”

And she hopes Mirror, Mirror will offer important life lessons:

“That life is a beautiful mixture of wonderful disaster, but to truly love yourself is so important.”

Cara added:

“When you’re a teenager you’re all looking for someone to idolize. Seeing the effect people like me have on teenagers now has made me conscious of kids having strong, positive role models who are trying to do good outside of themselves.”

Fortunately, this won’t be the last time the actress puts pen to paper:

“I have so many more things I want to write. This is something that I wanted to do for other people, but honestly it was for myself too. I needed to see whether I could. We all had to do creative writing and English, but I didn’t enjoy it as much because I felt forced. Whereas now, that’s all I do. I’ve just spent a week by myself in Germany, walking around the Alps, writing and sitting on top of a hill. That’s when I feel like I get the most out of my days.”

That’s the dream!

The full feature will be on newsstands on August 15!

[Image via Elle Magazine.]

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