Camila Cabello Was ‘Definitely Hurt’ By Fifth Harmony’s VMAs Shade!

Don’t expect a Fifth Harmony reunion with Camila Cabello anytime soon!

In an article released on Thursday, the Havana singer speaks to the New York Times about her upcoming solo album Camila, and the drama she experienced with her former girl group.

According to the 20-year-old, everything began to crumble after the release of her 2015 duet with Shawn Mendes I Know What You Did Last Summer. Additionally, she says her requests to write 5H lyrics and to work on a solo venture while still in the group were rebuffed.

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Cabello explains:

“I was just curious and I wanted to learn and I saw all these people around me making music, writing songs and being so free… I just wanted to do that and it did not work.”

After attending writing sessions with producers such as Diplo and Cashmere Cat, “it became clear that it was not possible to do solo stuff and be in the group at the same time.” The singer left in December 2016.

Ultimately, the Havana-born musician had to listen to her instincts, adding:

“If anyone wants to explore their individuality, it’s not right for people to tell you no.”

In August 2017, Fifth Harmony’s performance at the MTV VMAs made headlines for seemingly shading their former member. At the beginning of the set, five silhouettes stand on stage as one falls off the back.

Camila — who watched the show live with her mom — was “hurt” by the clip, and “wasn’t prepared” for the diss at all.

“It definitely hurt my feelings… I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t prepared for it — especially because at that point I’d moved on from it. I was just like, ‘What? Why?’… I have to make space for the good stuff to happen in my life… I don’t like holding onto the past, especially when it’s stuff that, in my opinion, is just petty.”

At the time, 5H’s Ally Brooke defended the performance on Good Morning America, saying:

“We get asked all the time if we’re getting a fifth member, and we wanted to show the world in an artistic way that, hey, the four of us are Fifth Harmony. We’re stronger and better than we’ve ever been… Honestly, it was such a monumental moment for us. We were at the VMAs. We had rain. We had the splits. We had a mic drop!”

Drama aside, Camila is excited to drop new music, and to show the world her true, authentic self.

“I feel like the best way to come up with something new and different is just to be the you-est you possible… If you pull from all the different little parts of yourself, nobody can replicate that.”

Camila is just being Camila.

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