Camila Cabello Has NEVER Had A Boyfriend?????

Setting out to become the first solo artist to emerge from a popular girl group takes guts.

But according to Camila Cabello, that’s a long way from the shy teen she was just a couple years ago.

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In a candid new interview with Seventeen, the former Fifth Harmony singer opens up about her past, her love life (and lack thereof), and her new pals.

But first — why did she leave 5H in the first place? She says:

“Fifth Harmony wasn’t the maximum expression of me individually. My fans are really going to know me from the music I’m writing. My goal is to be brave and open up my soul.”

Not as dramatic an answer as we hoped for, but aight. Becoming more brave has apparently been a long journey for Cabello, who explains:

“I was shy back in high school: I would go to school, come home, and watch YouTube videos. Being in music has pushed me to overcome that. I have gone through a lot of self-discovery in the past few years, figuring out who I am and being comfortable with just being me. I’ve attracted a lot of great people into my life that way, just by being myself. Now I want to go out there, meet people, learn about them, and make friends.”

One of those new friends is Taylor Swift.

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The fellow pop star serves as something of a love guru to Camila:

“Taylor is always the person that I go to for boy advice. The reason we became friends was purely because we think the same way about a lot of things: We’re both really sensitive and emotional when it comes to love. We love love, and we love writing songs about love.”

They may both LOVE love, but it sounds like only one of them is writing from actual experience.

In a shocking twist, Camila reveals her sad total lack of a love life:

“Even though I’m 19, I’ve literally never had a long-term relationship. So when I show people my songs, they’re like, Who’s this about? I’ve never seen you with a boy ever.’ I make all of these fantasies in my head. There’s this constant theme of unrequited love and me loving people from afar.”

She doesn’t even have a long-term relationship with a musical group. Ha!

Will this change the way you listen to Camila’s first solo offerings?

[Image via Seventeen.]

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