Cameron and the Slumberknights “Pour” out the stress

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Cameron and the Slumberknights’ new release “Pour” is a heartfelt, funky jam that dives into the dynamics of being in love. Over the hypnotic rhythmic arrangement ripe with lush guitars and alluring keys, frontman Cameron Donald shares his candid feelings on love and how it drives him to do the somewhat insane things he does. He delivers his thoughts with a somewhat frenzied fashion peppered with emotional punches and a dash of youthful exuberance to balance things out. The track features Dutch drummer JimCreature.” Cornelissen and English trio Dan Collins on bass, Zebede’s Henry Coombes on keys and Ben Thomson on guitar.


“Pour” is the first release for this multi-national nu-jazz/rap group since the band formed in 2019 after meeting at university and recording their debut EP, The Gloom Vol.1, last summer at Cameron’s childhood home.

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