Calboy, Lil Baby & Lil Tjay Assemble For High-Energy "Givenchy Kickin"

There are a bunch of rappers vying for the coveted “up next” spot right now, as there always are, but the freshman class as a whole is looking very promising. Good thing is that we don’t need to select a single artist as the sole receiver of our love and attention. Through the gifts of cell phones and streaming services, we have access to all of their catalogues at all times. So dive into Calboy, Lil Tjay and Lil Baby. 

While Lil Baby has become a well-established name, Calboy (20) and Lil Tjay (18), can still be considered to be in the beginning stages of their respective rises. Both of them released impressive projects last year that placed them on more people’s radars. Their prolific outputs prove they’re hungry to improve and win. 

“Givenchy Kickin” comes off Calboy’s new six-track EP, Long Live the Kings. The energy is urgent and the flows are inventive. How do you feel about this lineup of artists?  

Quotable Lyrics

We got a whole lotta bullets, lil’ bro got the glizzy but I got the choppa in the trunk
50K up in my jeans, it look like my pockets just got a new case of the month
I need that fetti on fetti, these n****s be jealous, these n****s be bitches, they punks
Hope you ready, I’m ready, I know ’bout some killers that carry machetes and pumps

– Calboy

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