C-Black – “Unlimited Dreamer” (Album Review)

New Yorks own C-Black drops a full-length album for the culture titled “Unlimited Dreamer” I was excited just to peel this back, the cover caught my attention right away.  We begin the album with “Extreme” a mellow boom-bap atmospheric vibe. The production was well thought out his stance was the dreamer challenging systems of belief, “is it too extreme for me to dream”. I especially like the concept of this can wait to see some visuals on the topic.

“Realization” starts with a beautiful voice transcending songs perfectly then the cadence is raw and rugged the delivery will tighten up with vocal experience but a tremendous potential for this artist future. This song breakdown all the things you have to realize to overcome sonically the album is moving along.

“Most Beautiful 2.0” sample flip of Kieth Murray, classic Hip-Hop feel to lead in as Silent C-Black pays homage to the late Notorious BIG with the 4 bars which the

n added angles and depth. Then Silent Hill takes the song to new heights with his high impact verse arrangement ending with Black is Beautiful outstanding. 


“Late Night” forsure reminded me of the Dj Khalid introduction then quickly changed to that mixtures quick beat timberland styles with boom bap sprinkles.”Right Now”  Featuring Fest Beatz old school sample to set the mode straight classic production & C-Black delivers a persona based versed showing a lot of his personality as Fest Beatz absolutely delivered a high obtained verse to match perfectly with the production.

“12 Months” was about the mindstate change and the transition of a friend after leaving prison. The change of the season didn’t change the hearts of corrupted only one’s soul can do that, C-Black continues to bang out the concepts in this full-length LP. “Represent” as we all know is in homage to the legend Nasir Jones as C-Black throws his twist on it and gives his personal experiences on the east coast.

“Smooth Jazz” had to be my favorite production on the album by far the smooth sound was beautiful it carried C-Black lyrics right on spot. A very reflective song about the interworking of his mind dealing with the city’s problems and the anti dreamers.”Father Figure” was deep as C-Black goes into his past and shows a visual picture of his father being murdered and him having to fend for himself through his life creating a self-proclaimed genius. The guitar rift at the end was absolutely amazing to bring the song to life.

“Cuban Cigars” is about blue printing dreams like you see the biggest organizations doing behind the scenes the sample is beautiful I was stuck listening to it. The 2nd half of the album shows to be very melodic giving the entire structure balance. “Love Jones” is that get in yo feelings track, C-Black highlights a relationship of ups & downs were one day you guys are perfect and in others, there is constant arguing and fighting. Listen to more by C-Black & keep updated with all his moves on his social media accounts.

Rating 7/10



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