BUSTED!! Bow Wow Gets Caught Flying Commercial After Posting Private Jet Photos To Instagram!

It’s hard keeping up appearances these days.

But Bow Wow needs to try a little harder, because he just got caught with his pants down trying to pull one over on his followers!

The rapper appeared to be flying high on Monday when he posted a photo of a private jet to his Instagram, writing that he was traveling to NYC for his Growing Up Hip-Hop press tour.

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Wow, not bad! Or so it seemed…

The social media ruse took a sharp nose dive when an unsuspecting traveler caught Bow Wow on a commercial, NYC-bound flight — and tweeted photographic evidence of the 30-year-old sitting on the regular plane as he typed away on his phone:

LOLz, busted!

For reference, here’s the hitmaker’s fancy AF IG post, now dubbed by commenters as “FAKE NEWS”:

To make things worse, another Twitter user discovered that the private jet picture shared by the performer was apparently a stock photo taken from a Fort Lauderdale VIP transportation website!

The internet didn’t throw Bow Wow a bone over his attempt to flex for IG, and dutifully roasted him on social media for the rest of the day!

Buckle up, y’all — it’s about to get bumpy:

Safe flight home, Bow Wow!

[Image via Instagram/Twitter.]

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