Bruno Mars Stans Defend The Singer Amid Cultural Appropriation Claims See The Heated Exchange HERE!

Do NOT come for Bruno Mars, you will regret it!

On Sunday, one Twitter user accused the That’s What I Like singer of cultural appropriation ahead of the A-lister’s show stopping performance at the BET Awards. Unsurprisingly, fans did not take too kindly to this person’s unwarranted shade towards the hitmaker.

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The Mars hater, named Jenn M. Jackson, voiced her disdain for the artist as she wrote on the social media site:

While Miz Jackson acknowledges that Bruno gives some “credit” to funk artists of the past, she accuses the songwriter of doing little to educate his white fan base about these particular musicians. Be sure to ch-ch-check out Jenn’s savage criticism of Bruno in its entirety HERE.

Anywho, it didn’t take long for Mars fans to flock to Twitter to defend the 31-year-old. Specifically, one stan in particular offered up quite the clap back as they had a retort for almost every single one of Jackson’s claims. However, @hypebruno may’ve put it best when they noted:

“Jenn M. Jackson this whole thread is false. let me tell you why… are we really going to blame Bruno because his audience demographic? he just wants to make music. my god he didn’t repackage [sic] anything. he’s stated that he’d be nothing without black artists he’s appreciating not appropriating Bruno Mars is a woke legend that understands that American music is black. find another artists to fit your agenda.”

Snap! Snap! Again, you can read the ENTIRE back-and-forth HERE.

Of course, @hypebruno wasn’t the only fan to defend Bruno as others weighed in:

Whoa. Remind us to never piss off Bruno fans — but way to defend your boy, y’all!

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