Brett Ratner Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of A Model Sitting Next To Him In A Car

Well, this is fucking despicable.

Brett Ratner allegedly masturbated in a car as he sat next to a horrified model after flying her to Los Angeles for a shoot in 2008.

The model, who did not want to be named publicly in a new and damning report that came out today, said that the Rush Hour director had been sitting next to her in a chauffeur-driven car along with two assistants when Ratner allegedly just whipped it out and started masturbating in front of her.

What the FUCK?!

The model said of the incident:

“I put my hands over my eyes and said, ‘Stop. That’s disgusting.’ But he wouldn’t stop. As he is finishing, his assistant in the front seat hands him tissues. I was really uncomfortable. I never worked with him again, and I never got into a car with him again.”


The model never went to the cops, assuming there was no crime there and figuring things would be best left alone — but she made it a point never to ever work with Ratner again, in light of what happened.

This is just allegedly sketchy, sketchy shit.

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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