BREEDSWORLD is the perfect “RIDER”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Bay Area emcee BREEDSWORLD‘s newest single “RIDER” is a bass-heavy bravado-laden piece that showcases the rapper’s pen game. Bolstered by the booming backdrop from Dre Eazy, BREEDSWORLD goes for the jugular and never lets up for 2 minutes straight.


From clever wordplay and hints of narrative to strong doses of bravado, BREEDSWORLD packs a lot into the track’s replay-worthy running time. Following a memorable sample from Django Unchained—”I count six shots…”—the Cali rapper unleashes a flurry of particularly wild bars: “I’m a muf*ckin’ nightmare/ I don’t fight fair, let the lights glare/ Times Square, hit my timeshare, take a flight there/ I’m rare, n***a, I swear, this is my year/ Right here, I don’t ride scared, that’s how I feel.”

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