Boy With Down Syndrome Dances To ‘Born This Way,’ Brings Twitter To Tears

There were a number of empowering moments during Super Bowl Sunday that sparked smiles and even tears. This was one of them.

A 10-year-old boy who was born with Down syndrome is capturing hearts around the world after he was filmed enthusiastically clapping and dancing to Lady Gagas Born This Way during the halftime show.

He was born his way too, Nicos father, David Perry, whos a Chicago-area disability rights journalist, captioned the 32-second video he posted to Twitter.

Perry told The Huffington Post that his son whos a fan of all kinds of rock and folk music had taken a break from watching the football game but came running upstairs to the TV once he heard the music.

The resulting video easily spread across the web, with viewers cheering on Nico in their response tweets and confessing that it brought tears to their eyes.


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Lady Gagas anthem is about the identity and diversity and the struggle for acceptance. Disability isnt always a part of that conversation, but it should be, Perry said. Clearly, her fans around the world are here for that message. So its not just about a cute kid dancing, but about making our fight for radical inclusion even more inclusive.

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