Bob Dylan, at 75, is singing Sinatra. Hold the snark

(CNN)After decades of rambling, raging, rocking and seemingly inexhaustible reinventing, the artist from Hibbing, Minnesota, born as Robert Zimmerman and known to us as Bob Dylan, is 75 years old, a walking diamond jubilee; still alive, still on the road and coming soon to an arena or amphitheater near you to sing classic popular music.


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Not that Dylan cares either way what you think about it all. As was the case with his fellow Minnesotan, Prince, Dylan has always kept the masses enthralled by keeping his processes to himself. Both of them also shared an antic sense of humor they called upon to insulate themselves from fools.
Their music asks the doubters: Can’t figure us out? Too bad. Just try to keep up and maybe you’ll understand that “getting us” isn’t the point. Just keeping up, however, might be the only point that matters.
So if the spoilsports and the snark attackers want to throw brickbats instead of bouquets at Bob Dylan on his birthday, one suspects that’s fine with him. As has been the case with almost everything else he’s done from the time he picked up a guitar, everybody else will get the point of it all, if they stay “young at heart.” Or is it “forever young”?
Hey, man. Whatever.

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