Birdman Demands $1M Judgment Tossed In Ex-Employee's Lawsuit: Report

Birdman’s legal troubles have been surfacing in the public’s eye over the past few years. The thing is, much of it surrounds his employees and shady business practices. Lil Wayne and Tyga have previously had to deal with Birdman in court over financial and contractual issues. Birdman’s been recently dealing with an ongoing case regarding Nicolas Jose Penzo, a former employee who claimed Birdman tried to underpay him for work he did on the music mogul’s property. He won the case after the judge granting Penzo $1M because Birdman failed to show up to court.

According to The Blast, Birdman is now trying to get the $1M judgment dropped. He filed papers to “vacate the judgment.” He argued that the only reason Penzo was awarded that much was because of an error and claimed the judge mishandled granting the default judgment. A hearing for the motion filed by Birdman was issued for Jan. 7th. He’ll be face to face with Penzo in court to fight the judgment. Baby claimed that he was never served with legal papers.

This comes a month after reports emerged claiming he closed down seven bank accounts in an attempt to dodge paying Penzo. Nicolas later sent subpeonas to the bank in order to collect his judgment but he was hit with a response saying, “Citibank has no tangible or intangible personal property of the Defendants.”

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