BiP’s Corinne Olympios Hits Back At DeMario Jackson’s Claim That He Was ‘Falsely Accused’ Amid Misconduct Scandal!

There are two sides to every story.

Corinne Olympios has officially responded to DeMario Jackson‘s claim that he was “falsely accused” of sexual misconduct during the season four production of Bachelor In Paradise. In case you forgot, production of the Bachelor spin-off was briefly halted after a complaint indicated that Olympios may’ve been too drunk to consent to a sexual encounter with Jackson.

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The show’s filming schedule resumed after a two week break as Warner Bros. cleared those involved of any wrongdoing. Now, BiP is addressing the scandal head on as they’ve since teased footage of DeMario and Corinne in a pool in a recent trailer. After the promo premiered, Rachel Lindsay‘s castoff seemed happy to see footage of himself and Corinne as it seemingly proved he did nothing wrong.

The Bachelorette villain told Entertainment Tonight:

“I’m glad footage of that day is being shown. … This is a victory for all men who have been falsely accused.”

However, before we start calling DeMario a martyr, Corinne wants fans to know that the clip included in the trailer was NOT from the twosome’s headline making incident. Apparently, the footage of the two Bachelor nation vets is from a different interaction not relating to the scandal.

As Miz Olympios never made an allegation against the 30-year-old, the Miami native hit back at his comment by saying it was “false and misleading.” Her rep added to Us Weekly:

“As DeMario is well aware, the footage that was in the promo was not of the encounter that caused production to be shut down. The encounter that caused production to be shut down took place much later in the day, and it was in a hot tub, not a pool. … Corinne has never leveled any accusations at DeMario.”

Oof. Just so everyone knows, Warner Bros. has made it perfectly clear that the tape of the alleged encounter will not make it onto the show.

Nonetheless, we’re innerested to see how this whole thing plays out when BiP returns on August 14 at 8 p.m. ET.

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