Billy Porter On Pastor Troy's Lil Nas X Rant: "There's A Lot Of Homophobia In Hip Hop"

It seems rapper Pastor Troy ended up publicly humiliating himself in his attempt to publicly humiliate Lil Nas X for his Grammy outfit. Pastor Troy took to Instagram to express his outrage over the hot-pink leather cowboy getup that LNX rocked to music’s biggest night. I’m not even going to bother embedding the homophobic rants that Pastor Troy has since removed from his page, but they contained slurs and decried the supposed agenda to corrupt young boys. 

The “Old Town Road” artist responded to the rebuke and, expectedly, he was unfazed by it. It’s hard to take the hate to heart when it’s about an outfit he wore to the Grammys because, after all, he was invited to the Grammys to be honoured and to perform. 

While Lil Nas X doesn’t appear to need any more defending, Billy Porter weighed in on the situation when asked by TMZ. At first, the Pose star said, “I don’t think anything about it,” but when probed about whether this incident is emblematic of a widespread issue in hip hop, he conceded. “There’s a lot of [homophobia] in hip hop,” he replied to the reporter. When asked what could be done about that, Porter answered, “I don’t know. I’m doing it by being who I am.” He also confirmed that he is “totally” proud of Lil Nas X and praised his outfit as “fabulous.”

At least we know hip hop is taking some steps forward in terms of inclusivity because Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR did win Best Rap Album this year

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