Billy Bob Thornton On Angelina Jolie: ‘If She Needs Anything, I’m Here’

Thirteen years after the intriguing romance between Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie came to an end, their friendship has withstood the test of time. 

Thornton told The Huffington Post’s Lauren Moraski on Tuesday that despite their differences, the pair is still close. The two hit it off while working together on the 1999 film “Pushing Tin” and married the next year.

The “Bad Santa 2” actor explained that the relationship always had its basis in friendship. “When you have a great friendship with somebody and you truly love each other, I don’t think that goes away just because you have different ideas of how you’re going to live your life,” Thornton said.

Thornton told “Entertainment Tonight” that the actress “seems OK” after her recent headline-making split from husband Brad Pitt. Thornton is currently married to actress Connie Angland. 

“If she needs anything, I’m here. And vice versa. And we both know that,” he said. 

Watch the full conversation with the cast of “Bad Santa 2” below: 

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