Bieber’s tour demands just got leaked, and they’re ridiculous


div> Justin Biebers rider for his Purpose tour in India was leaked on Thursday, and the list is… extensive.

Many artists have been known for wild backstage demands, such as Beyonc and Kanye West. Queen Bey’s riderasks that her dressing rooms be kept at 72 degrees, and be provided with heavily seasoned chicken legs and rose-scented candles. Kanye West, meanwhile, asks for a barbers chair and a Coke and Hennessy slushy machine.

Bieber is no exception. In the leaked press release, he demands 10 luxury sedans, two buses for his entourage, a Rolls Royce, a private jet and helicopter tofly into the stadium, his ownwashing machine, redesigned hotel suites to his liking, a special Indian Yoga Casket, a masseuse flown in from Kerala, India, cans of wild berries and vanilla room fresheners, Dove body wash and lip balm, and the list goes on for hundreds more words.

Some of the requested items are beyondexcessive. Could Bieber truly be this much of a diva, or is he merely keeping venues in check? Celebrities often use riders as a way of holding venues to an extremely high standard.If the venue cannot hold up its promise to meet demands, the artist has the right to back out at any time, often with a partial or even full payment.

Live showstend to be more dangerous than audiences realize, so some entertainers opt to protect themselves with overly specific demands. Attention to detail will reflect the venues attention to greater security demands. Or, maybe, Bieber just really lovesthe scent of vanilla.

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