Best TV of the week: Atlanta, One Mississippi and Oprahs latest drama

A hip-hop comedy, a sugar-cane family epic, a bitcoin thriller. This is a busy and diverse week


Queen Sugar

Ava DuVernay made an Oscar-worthy splash with Selma and her next stop is television. Whos going to say no when Oprah Winfrey comes a-courting? Created by DuVernay, Winfrey and Melissa Carter based on the book of the same name, Queen Sugar follows estranged sisters Nova (True Bloods Rutina Wesley) and Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) as they move to rural Louisiana to run the sugar plantation their father left them. Can these womens complicated pasts be resolved so that they can find a future for the family business? Were going to love finding out. OWN, Tuesday 6 September at 10pm EST


Most people see the rap industry on TV through Empire, which looks at the millionaires at the top of the game. Atlanta is the total opposite. Writer, director and star Donald Glover plays Earnest, a semi-employed Atlanta native who is struggling to get into the game and sees an opportunity when his cousin Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) has a single that heats up the charts. But hip-hop is only the excuse for this funny and keenly observed portrait of what its like to be black in America. Whether or not youre into rap, this very well might be your new favorite show. FX, Tuesday 6 September at 10pm EST


Full disclosure, Ive had the pleasure of meeting Quarry creators Michael D Fuller and Graham Gordy several times and they are quiet delightful. But so is their first series about a Vietnam vet (Logan Marshall-Green) who returns home from the war struggling with re-entry and a society that doesnt know what to do with him. He ends up enmeshed in the criminal underworld of Memphis in the early 70s. Its worth it just for the killer facial hair alone. Cinemax, Friday 9 September at 10pm EST.

New to streaming


Free streaming platform Crackle has been expanding past Jerry Seinfelds Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and trying their hand at original series. Their latest foray boasts an all-star cast featuring Adam Brody and Martin Freeman as a guy trying to get involved in a digital currency (think bitcoin) and the FBI agent who is hot on his trail when he winds up involved with some shady characters. Set in Miami, this isnt about the tech industry in the same way that Halt and Catch Fire or Silicon Valley are, but a more conventional cat-and-mouse drama with a bit of hacking thrown in for extra spice. Crackle, 6 September.

One Mississippi


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Stand-up comedian Tig Notaro rocked the comedy world with a legendary set about her breast cancer diagnosis. Now, with the help of co-creator Diablo Cody and executive producer Louis CK, shes back to do it all over again with her first sitcom. Notaro plays a woman returning to her hometown after her mothers sudden death and trying to fit into a world that she doesnt understand anymore. This was one of the better pilots that Amazon showed fans and it received such high marks it was ordered to a full series. Count on this one to be a hit. Amazon Prime Video, Friday 9 September.

Catch up


Its a bird, its a plane, its … a perky blond girl saving the day. The Man of Steel is one of the few DC Comics heroes not to be on the small screen these days, but his cousin sure is kicking ass. A modest hit for CBS last season, this show is moving to the CW in the fall to join Greg Berlantis other superhero smashes like The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Now you can stream the whole first season when it hits Netflix on 9 September. While this caped crusader is great to watch, the real gem of the series is Calista Flockhart as her demanding boss. Maybe they should rename this The Devil Wears Spandex.

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h2>Luke Cage Street Level Hero Music


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When thinking about an upcoming series, people tend to focus on the plot, actors, directors and writers. But what about the music? This short featurette about the upcoming Netflix series featuring the Marvel Comics badass is all about what you can expect on the soundtrack. Music supervisors Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad talk about how hip-hop influenced the story of this hero in Harlem. They even get the stamp of approval from rappers like Method Man and A$AP Ferg. 30 September cant come soon enough so that we can listen to I mean watch Luke Cage.

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