Best New Hip Hop Music Videos of 2020: The Ultimate List

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The hip hop gods are feeling generous in 2020. We’ve already seen some of the most fire tracks drop from the most fire artists in the scene. If these first few months are any indication of what’s to come, we’re looking at an exciting year of releases.

Here are some of the best new hip hop music videos of 2020 so far.

Roddy Ricch – The Box

The Box is a certified hip-hop banger.

For a young guy with only one album under his belt, Roddy Ricch has made quite a reputation for himself. Part of this is thanks to the breakout success of “The Box”. It’s the rapper’s highest-charting song to date, peaking at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

The music video is pretty great, too. It features a lot of fast driving, a little basketball, and a good level of sharks. The video is lit with a deep contrast that makes each and every color pop as Roddy kills the track.

The Box is a fun song made even more fun by its music video. Check it out.

Don Jones – Smile Back

Don Jones is a UK rapper on his way to the top. Smile Back is all the proof you need.

With a tight mix of crooning and rapping, Don guides us through his visually stunning world in Smile Back. The video is as dark and moody as the song.

It starts with a nostalgic assault of graphics. We see a 3D rendered flip phone and an MTV logo obscured by a mic. Then Jones comes out, rapping in the ill-lit streets and in a violent thunderstorm. It’s all sorts of moody and dark.

The color and feel this video sets meshes perfectly with the track. If you’re looking for something
fresh, don’t sleep on Don Jones. You’ll be hearing a lot more of him in the future.

Blueface ft. DaBaby – Obama

There’s nothing better than two rap heavyweights coming together for a great track.

The video starts with “Barack Obama” telling the two rappers how he wants to start a rap career of his own. Only, he’s not just meeting with Blueface and DaBaby for advice. He’s handing them the keys to the White House, a move he quickly realizes he might regret.

The video goes on to show Blueface, Obama, and DaBaby partying hard in the White House. Complete with beautiful women, flashy flexes, and a dancing Obama, this video has everything. Plus, the song is almost criminally catchy.

Jehry Robinson ft. Tech N9ne – Daylight

Jehry Robinson is another up-and-comer with great promise in the hip hop scene.

The video for Daylight is as fast-paced as the rapper’s flow. It’s filmed in a square aspect ratio, inspiring major 90s underground skate vibes. It features washed-out colors, picture-in-picture, and a tour around NYC by Jehry himself.

If you like straight fast bars, you’re going to love Jehry Robinson. Plus, Tech N9ne is one sweet cherry on top.

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If you want true hip hop artistry, check out the latest from MEDHANE. MEDHANE is the silent king of experimental hip hop. This simple video features the rapper spitting bars around New York City.

The shots are shaky, frequently going in and out of focus and spinning wildly. It may be based in New York City, but MEDHANE has a way of making the city feel lonely. He gives a whole new, dizzying light to NYC that really compliments the catchy and soulful tune.

It’s criminal that so many people are still sleeping on MEDHANE. If you’re even a moderate Earl Sweatshirt fan, you’ll love what MEDHANE brings to the table.

Lil Mr. E – Candy Flip

For something a little different, try Candy Flip from Lil Mr. E. If you were a fan of Newgrounds back in the day, you’re going to love it.

The video’s animation style gives off major flash-video nostalgia. It starts with Lil Mr. E. dropping some drugs and just gets wilder from there. We see E. drinking forties, partying hard, and tripping out of his mind.

The video is crude and grimey, but absolutely addicting. The song features a nice mix of classic hip-hop beats and new-school lyricism. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s an undeniable banger.

Don Toliver – After Party

Don Toliver’s newest album is looking like a hit.

The recently dropped After Party video is a frantic look at the hip-hop lifestyle. We go back and forth between a police chase, a bootylicious party in the club, and Toliver making it rain on his peers. From the lighting to the pacing, it doesn’t get much better than this. The video doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it’s probably the best fit for the song. It’s fun, it’s fast-paced, and it’s catchy as hell.

P.U.R.P – Facts

It’s not often you see a hip hop video take place at a quiet, rural home. But Facts does just that.

P.U.R.P takes on his introspective tune outside of what looks like a boarded-up home. In this video, it’s just P.U.R.P and you for the most part. Well, except for when it’s three P.U.R.P’s and you, thanks to a little movie magic.

The video is distraction-free, letting the viewer focus on the lyricism and P.U.R.P himself. The setting feels fresh and interesting, giving an enhanced perspective to the bars. It’s not your typical hip-hop music video in all the best ways.

If P.U.R.P keeps this vibe up, he’ll go nowhere but up.

The Search for the Best New Hip Hop

The best new hip hop is hardly ever found at the surface. With so much music coming out every day, it’s easy to get lost in the search.

Give the videos above a watch. Chances are, you’ll leave this article with a few new albums to check out.

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