Azealia Banks Praises 21 Savage For His Oscar-Worthy "Acting"

Many 21 Savage fans were surprised when the rapper’s British nationality was revealed by ICE officials and Azealia Banks is part of this group. The Brooklyn native headed to Instagram to share her reaction to the news. In her IG stories, Banks expressed how she had originally perceived the American experiences shared by 21 during interviews. At the time, she related to his narrative. Since his ICE arrest, however, his authenticity as an Atlanta rapper is being questioned. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

“Yo they’re saying he was really from the UK this whole time. That’s some serious acting,” she mused. “That’s the best performance piece we’ve seen in like…forever. We should give this man an Oscar.” All jokes aside, this realization prompted her to reflect on how easy it is to portray a false persona through media. She recalled seeing his interview on The Breakfast Club and thinking he was a “really cool guy,” and now realizes “he’s not even that person.”

“It’s really a testament to how gullible we are as Americans,” she added. “How did I not see this?” 21 Savage’s biographies list Atlanta, Georgia as his birthplace. While some die-hard fans were aware of his ties to the UK, they were never informed of his British nationality. 

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