Ayelle shares her honest experiences via “Mind and Body”

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Ayelle‘s newest effort “Mind and Body” is as sultry as they come. The Swedish-Iranian has been on a musical run as he drops music every month for her eager listeners. The track is again produced by my go-go producer Maths Time Joy (Mahalia, Gallant) who helps craft a downtempo, entrancing backdrop laced with atmospheric textures and sparse arrangement that allows Ayelle’s honeyed vocals to really shine bright. The hypnotic track sees her going sensual with no restraints and she vividly paints an intimate picture that would forever be etched in the mind of the listener. Simmering with equal parts vulnerability and euphoria, “Mind and Body” raises the ante with its intimate allure and off-kilter production style. Check out the visuals below.

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