Apryl Jones & B2K's J-Boog Square Off At "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" Reunion

Friends and foes faced off at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion and it was one for the reality television history books. This season, fans have watched as B2K’s Fizz and his lady Apryl Jones finally laid out the truth to their romance as they’ve declared that they’re not only in love with one another but have moved in together. The controversy surrounding their partnership comes from Apryl being the ex-girlfriend of B2K’s Omarion as well as the mother of his two children.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

It seems as if everyone has their opinion on the tangled web that Fizz and Apryl have woven, but only recently has a third B2K member, J-Boog, shared his reluctance to accept their pairing. Following the news that the 2020 Millennium Tour was confirmed sans B2K yet with Omarion headlining as a solo artist, J-Boog blamed Fizz for their exclusion. In a later comment left on social media, he also insinuated that Fizz and Apryl’s relationship was corny with the use of corn emojis.

The trio came face-to-face at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion special, and things heated up when J-Boog and Apryl engaged in a shouting match. Apryl was on the defense throughout the entire episode as one by one cast members blasted her romance with Fizz. “When he didn’t want to disclose to me how serious the relationship was, that’s when I knew sh*t was real,” J-Boog said. “What’s f*cked up is it’s unfortunate that you f*cked with his brother before you f*cked with him, you get what I’m saying?”

Fizz made it clear that Omarion is not like his brother, so J-Boog clarified by changing it to “group member.” Apryl chimed in that she knows “certain things” and if J-Boog wanted to, they can put it out “all on the table.” He replied, “Open up the box then baby! Trust me, I ain’t the one to f*ck with!” J-Boog then said he would drop the secrets on his own so she wouldn’t have anything to use against anyone.

“There was other relationships that were happening with members with other family members,” Apryl said without giving any details into what she meant. There were unconfirmed rumors, however, that J-Boog had a relationship with Omarion’s mother. Watch the clip below.

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