Apple TV’s Carpool Karaoke Promises Some Big Stars But LESS James Corden! Will This Be The End Of The Late Late Show Segment?

Don’t worry, James Corden fans — the new Carpool Karaoke series hasn’t totally totaled its late night predecessor!

Last year, the Late Late Show host and co-creator Ben Winston sold the viral segment to Apple as a stand-alone series.

This move is similar to Jimmy Fallon‘s Lip Sync Battle getting its own FX series, which essentially removed the segment from The Tonight Show lineup — aside from a few all star exceptions.

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Carpool Karaoke, however, will still be able to rev its engine without roadblocking Corden’s late night segment — as the longform version will see different kinds of entertainers behind the wheel!

Late Late showrunner Winston said that while the late night segment will still see Corden singing with recording artists, Apple’s version will pair musicians with different comedians, talk show hosts, and other artists!

Winston explained at the 2017 Winter TCA Press Tour:

“So many people get in touch with us, big name movie stars, saying they’d love to do Carpool Karaoke. Here, it’s about taking those people who aren’t musicians necessarily.”

One of those big movie starts is Will Smith, who will be the only celeb in the longform Carpool Karaoke to sing with the OG driver himself.

Apple’s first season will see 16 different all star pairings, including Ariana Grande with Seth MacFarlane, John Legend with Alicia Keys, Billy Eichner with Metallica, and Blake Shelton with Chelsea Handler! Now that’s a lineup!

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Corden assured that the standalone series will not cut back Carpool Karaoke‘s inclusion on the Late Late Show, but he did admit the production isn’t able do it as often as viewers would like. He explained:

“We can only do it so many times on our show, and there’s so many lovely people I want to see in that environment This just became a wonderful platform to see these people in an intimate environment. I don’t even feel like it’s mine, really, it’s just something I’ve been part of.”

We love how humble he is! Keep speeding onto more success, James!

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