Apple Smart Glasses To Replace iPhones In "Roughly A Decade"

Technology is amazing but sometimes it can be worrisome. As if we weren’t glued to our phones enough now, it is reported that Apple plans to replace the iPhone with Smart Glasses in “roughly a decade.” According to The Information, Apple is looking to release two augmented reality devices. The first release is an AR Headset in 2022 and the second is the AR Glasses in 2023. That’s in two to three years time. This information was reportedly shared at an internal meeting at Apple where employees were given a timeline of the arrival of the futuristic gadgets.

Apple iPhones
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time before Apple presented a project like this. In 2016 it was reported that SONY had acquired a patent for a camera contact lens that is controlled by your blinking. These advancements in technology are amazing to marvel at but can also feel like an episode of Black Mirror.

The AR Headset, said to arrive in 2022, is supposedly similar to the Oculus Quest VR headset. It has high-resolution visuals, cameras on the inside and can map your environment. Sounds dope. About a year later a “sleeker” pair will arrive that’s thicker with space for a battery and processors. The second one is said to bring us one giant step closer to Apple’s dream of abolishing their own creation, the smartphone.

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