Apple Event Surprises With Introduction Of The Mysterious New iPhone X! Get All The Deets HERE!

Today’s Apple Event may have unveiled one thing too many.

After announcing some killer upgrades to the Apple Watch, the Apple TV, and the new iPhone 8, Tim Cook unveiled the new premium iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 is the upgrade everyone wants — but is the no-button iPhone X really what people will want tomorrow??

Get all the deets on the latest products (below):

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is getting a big update in both hardware and soft.

The new watch will essentially be a phone on your wrist; it streams music, has a quad core processor and access to Siri, monitors your heartbeat in case of emergency, has its own sim card, and even makes calls; COO Jeff Williams demonstrated making a call to another exec — who was paddle boarding!

On the outside, the watch will also be more chic as Apple have partnered with Hermes for a sleeker look, including more choices for band color.

The Apple Watch Series 3 hits stores September 22!

Apple TV

The new Apple TV 4K HDR is all in the name; the TV will aim to standardize HDR, “the highest quality image ever,” wit 4K streaming. They’ve also promised to upgrade all your iTunes movies and TV to high definition for free.

Then there’s the new TV app which will allow streaming of live sporting events, with optional new infographic features.

All that for a price jump of about $50.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as they’ve finally been officially named, is all about convenience.

The 4.7 inch display (5.5 inches on the Plus) is “the most durable” glass ever in a cell phone and for the first time ever dust- and water-resistant! (Remember, that’s resistant and not proof!)

The new camera features are good news no matter what you’re using it for:

  • With a much smaller aperture that will go all the way down to 2.8 and 1.8 (something shutterbugs know costs big bucks in a typical camera), users will be able to take photos in lower light and much closer without getting blurry.

  • For selfie aficionados, new portrait lighting (still in beta) will separate a subject from the background and automatically light your face better.

The new glass-backed iPhone 8 will allow wireless charging for the first time.

The iPhone 8 starts at $699 for the lowest available memory (64 GB) and is available for pre-order starting on Friday, September 15.

iPhone X

While the iPhone 8 is an update of the old design, the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is Apple’s new Premium phone.

All the rumors about a lack of home button are true — only about the X rather than the 8.

The front of the phone is almost all screen, a 5.8 inch display with no buttons at all. The X has the highest resolution of any iPhone ever, HDR-supported at 458 pixels per inch.

Besides swiping up to access the home screen, the phone will also use facial recognition software to unlock after recognizing your face. Apparently the chances another iPhone user’s face could match yours is one in a million.

The iPhone X will officially launch on November 3, with pre-orders not starting until October 27. That will give you plenty of time to get used to the idea of paying a minimum of $999. Eesh.

Apple is already showing off its new camera, posting to Instagram a series of photos taken on the iPhone X:

Shot on iPhone X by Jason N. @jason_nocito_studio – With support from Apple.A post shared by apple (@apple) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:41am PDT

Quality stuff!


One byproduct of facial recognition is a new feature in emojis — Animojis!

These morphable emojis available inside messages will actually contort based on your own facial expressions.

We smell another hit animated movie coming in 2021…

Do YOU think the iPhone X will be worth it??

[Image via Apple/Twitter.]

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