Antonio Brown Shows Off Rapping Ability With New Snippet: Listen

With no NFL contract in sight, Antonio Brown has had plenty of time to work on some off-the-field projects. One of those projects was revealed last week when Brown announced a new collaborative album with none other than Sean Kingston. The news seemed to come out of nowhere and fans were curious to see how this whole thing would end up playing out. After a full week of radio silence on the matter, Brown has come through with his first snippet from the project which includes some bars from the former Patriots wide receiver.

The song below is called “Bad Decisions” and features Kingston signing on the hook while Brown spits bars about his relationships with women and how he can’t be tied down to one chick. Considering where Brown’s career has gone over the last few months, the title of the record is quite ironic.

Fans in the comments section seem to be quite excited about this new musical endeavor although it’s unclear if it’s genuine enthusiasm or just morbid curiosity. Brown wouldn’t be the first NFLer to try his hand at music and he certainly won’t be the last. So far, AB has made it clear that he’s getting personal on this project so it will be interesting to see what kind of stories he tells us.

Meanwhile, Brown is still waiting on the NFL’s decision as to whether or not he can be reinstated to the league. 

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