Anders Releases Sexy Summer Single "Bossy"

Singer-songwriter anders is joining the summer jam wave by releasing his smooth R&B track “Bossy.” The Ontario artist is a singer on the rise as his previous single “Diamonds” was a favorite among fans. However, anders is a bit of an enigma because unlike other artists who overshare their lives to the world, he prefers to keep his private life, well, private. “Even before putting music out, I didn’t have a social media presence,” he told Vice“I wasn’t on Instagram or Twitter. I made [both] to put music up. I was just always very private. I didn’t like people knowing what I was up to.”

On “Bossy,” listeners will find anders tapping into his no-nonsense, freaky side as he sings about sex. The 24-year-old artist’s straightforward lyrics can come across as a tad crass, but in the chorus, he insists that he isn’t mean, he’s just bossy. Anders is a rookie on the R&B scene and only began releasing music back in 2016, but since then he’s dropped two EPs” 669 and Twos. Fans are awaiting his full-length, debut project so hopefully, that’s on its way.

Quotable Lyrics

If you got me‚ keep me closer
Don’t take a lot to make me go
Hot right now my wrist turn froze
As I grow up, my heart get cold
No Small Talk, and we ain’t no joke
Took a couple L’s, but I can’t lose hope
Left her on read, but she can’t let go
When she on her red, make her give me dome

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