America Ferrera Breaks Down The Role Of Artists In ‘Times Like These’

America Ferrera feels she has a responsibility to use her platform for social change.

The actress, whogave an impassioned speech at Saturdays Womens March on Washington, described what inspired her powerful words and the role of artists within the current political climateduring a video interview with the Los Angeles Times.

I said what I was feeling in my heart and I felt it was most important, really, to send a message to one another, which was that were in this together, [in] your feelings of concerns, youre not alone, Ferrera told the newspaperduring the 2017 Sundance Festival on Sunday.

During times of political uncertainty, artists have always had a certain responsibility to use their platform,Ferrera said

I think the purpose of art is the same at all time, the actress said.But I think that in times like these times of real, real questioning and reflection and concern it becomes that much clearer that our role in society is to connect, is to represent. I think right now everyone is hyperaware and hypersensitive, everything that we say and do is being watched. I think thats true all the time, were just aware of it right now because of the heightened circumstances.

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