Amber Tamblyn’s Trump lip sync explained

(CNN)Amber Tamblyn performing as Donald Trump may seem a strange choice to some.

Especially since the actress recently said a recording of Trump making crude remarks about women prompted her decision to share her own harrowing tale of an assault by a former boyfriend.


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Tamblyn battles America Ferrera in an upcoming episode of Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle” — and dresses in a Trump costume to perform the Color Me Badd hit “I Wanna Sex You Up.”
The show’s executive producer Casey Patterson told People the episode was filmed in August. Tamblyn also performed as Hillary Clinton.
“It just happens to be the election and Amber just happened to have this great take on it — her first song being centered around Hillary and her second song being centered around Trump,” Patterson said. “That was 100 percent Amber’s choice. She had it all in her head.”
Patterson said after Tamblyn’s assault revelation, she made sure the actress was still comfortable with the episode airing.
“She shot it months ago, it was conceived months ago,” Patterson said. “None of us had any idea what could’ve unfolded in the following weeks, but we shot it and it was honest. She loved the performance.”
As for whether “Lip Sync Battle” is worried that Trump may take aim at the show as being part of a conspiracy to bring him down — as he did recently with “Saturday Night Live” — Patterson said, not at all.
“This was not meant for us to weigh into the political waters at this moment in time and be a reflection or reaction to the ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes,” she said. “This is something that was shot prior and is airing in the original time slot.”

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