All The Heavy Hitters You Can Expect To Hear On DJ Khaled’s Latest Album

DJ Khaled is in good company on his upcoming album “Major Key.” 

The Miami-based producer is known for churning out radio-friendly hip-hop hits and has made a name for himself by teaming up with heavy hitters in the industry. Khaled’s latest work is no different. 

Khaled, who stopped by The Huffington Post to discuss the project ahead of its July 29 release, said the album would be filled with verses from Kendrick Lamar, Nas, J. Cole and more. While Khaled is already dominating the airwaves with “I Got the Keys,” which features both Jay Z and Future, and “For Free” with Drake, the album has even more in store. 

“Kendrick Lamar has a very hot verse.” Khaled said of the Compton rapper’s feature on the single “Holy Key.” “I said Kendrick Lamar’s verse is going to be probably one of the most talked about verses. Everybody got a hot verse. … You’ve got to have a major key to be on this.”

The song, which includes a verse from Big Sean and vocals from Betty Wright, is the newest single to drop from “Major Key,” and Khaled expects it to be well-received. 

“You’re gonna go crazy. You’re gonna love it. You’re gonna lose your mind. This is a record, it’s a statement, it’s powerful. It’s impactful. It’s lyrics,” he told HuffPost’s Jacques Morel.

Nas is also slated to appear on the album with the track “Nas Album Done.” The not-so-subtle song title sparked suspicions that a new Nas project could be on the way after Khaled previewed on “We the Best Radio” on Friday evening. According to Khaled, Nas has multiple verses on the track. 

“It’s serious … and I have Nas verses, with an ‘s.’ The same way I told you I had Jay Z verses, with an ‘s,’ and you heard ‘I Got The Keys,’” he said. “You got two Jay Z verses. People thought I had a verse. Nah, I have verses. And I got Nas [verses] with an ‘s’ too. Verses.”

Check out the video above to hear about the album and click here to watch the full interview. 

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