Akon Secures The Land For "Tax Free," "Futuristic" City In Africa

Entertainers often talk about making boss moves, but Akon is the only one planning his own city. The platinum-selling artist has been working with officials in his hometown of Senegal to create his own “futuristic” province. This has been a creation that Akon has spent years developing, and he shared with TMZ how the project is unfolding.

Akon City Senegal
Kate Green / Stringer / Getty Images

“We got the land, we got all the licenses and everything’s moving forward,” said Akon. “See, I’ve been working on this for about seven years trying to get the bases going and we finally secured the land. That was the hardest part, securing the land because with the land being secured, we have to also be regulated as considered a city. There’s already a city within the city. I’m trying to create an area where I can work out my partnership with my government to where it’s a free zone where you don’t have to pay no taxes.”

Akon also said that he’s attempting to shape an attractive society where businesses will move in a make their headquarters. He added that the city will be a Wakanda-influenced “futuristic” city with “all the latest and future technologies”. He said, “I don’t want nothing from the old days. I want it all to be based on tomorrow’s technology and how it’s going to be built for our future.” Watch Akon talk about his city in detail below.

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