Adrienne Houghton Says People Think Stepdaughter Mariah Is Her Sister

It was back in 2016 that Adrienne Bailon surprised her fans with news that after just six months of dating, she and her boyfriend Israel Houghton were engaged to be married. Just three months later, the happy couple tied the knot making Adrienne Houghton a stepmother to the gospel musician’s four children from his previous marriage. Because Israel’s divorce was finalized six months prior to his engagement to Adrienne, there were plenty of rumors floating around about their relationship. However, they’ve seemed to rise above the gossip.

Adrienne Houghton Mariah Houghtonz
Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

Recently, Adrienne shared a video introducing the world to her stepdaughter Mariah who apparently gets mistaken for The Real host’s sister. The relationship between Adrienne and 23-year-old Mariah is such a close bond that the ladies struggle with calling each other stepmother-stepdaughter because of the negative connotations they say are attached to the titles.

The two women talked about the “awkward transition” that they went through when Adrienne joined their family, but Mariah had previously met the for 3LW singer because she was friends with Israel before entering into a romantic relationship. For over 20 minutes of the All Things Adrienne feature, Adrienne and Mariah share stories about their escapades with one another and share why they truly love one another. Check out the clip below.

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