Adam22 Isn't Surprised By Tekashi 6ix9ine, Is More Baffled Gang Trusted Him

While Tekashi 6ix9ine’s fans thought he was the next big rapper to hit the charts, there were a few in the industry who believed that he was doing a little too much for notoriety. Every other week it seemed as if Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez, was in the media because of a beef he was engaged in with a fellow artist. Some of his actions and remarks were deemed to be petty, including when he took Chief Keef’s baby mama shopping and recorded the event.

No Jumper’s Adam22 claims he’s the first news outlet that ever interviewed Hernandez, and even back then he knew that the rapper was more interested in fame than anything else. Adam said he wasn’t surprised to hear that 6ix9ine turned into a federal informant because he “always saw him as somebody who—before he even started telling and before the fed case—I remember saying, this guy is a dude that is gonna do anything to make it.”

He gave examples of when 6ix9ine wore shirts with “HIV” or “P*ssy N*gga” written on them. “He was just doing whatever he could to go viral,” Adam said. “Even with the music. This was a guy who wasn’t scared to get a songwriter. This was a guy who wasn’t scared to claim he was in a gang, claim that he was a psycho.” He also said Tekashi was featured in a video where he had a cup of lean and a cigarette, two things Adam knew the rapper never touched. 

“This is a dude who is willing to do whatever to be successful,” Adam continued. “I’m really not surprised at all. Why would I have ever thought that he would be committed to his gang unit that he teamed up with? If anything, I think the thing that’s kind of baffling is that a bunch of actual gang members were able to be fooled into supporting this guy in any way for some period of time.” Watch the clip below.

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