Adam Levine Pinpoints The Song That Catapulted Maroon 5

Raise your hand if you also had Its not always rainbows and butterflies / its compromise that moves us along as part of your online identity circa 2003.

The lyrics from Maroon 5s She Will Be Loved were soft groovy love notes perfect for a Myspace profile or in the margins of high school notebooks and lead singer Adam Levine still has a lot of feelings about the tune.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, The Voice coach recalled the song from the bands debut album, Songs About Jane, that holds a special significance for him.

I know it was something that catapulted the band to a different place, he said, explaining that the lyrics were meant to tell the story of a tumultuous relationship from the outside.

She was not in a good place and hes a really nice person, and he was very nurturing to her and supportive of her, said Levine. How many collective hours were spent by our teenage selves hoping the singer might tap on our window/knock on our door to tell us that hes going to make us feel beautiful?! (The man as the missing piece for female self-fulfillment trope feels less meaningful when viewed from an older, hopefully wiser perspective, but dang if it didnt make the early aughts more bearable.)


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Levine said he wrote the song quickly and it was done in an hour. He soon realized the track was lightning in a bottle for his and his bands musical career.

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