Ace Hood Brought To Tears Over Thoughtful Christmas Gift

Ace Hood is a fan-favorite on HotNewHipHop and it is easy to see why. The rapper has come through with some incredible mixtapes over the years and since going independent, he has been able to refine his sound and reinvent himself. Ace Hood is an artist who has always stood by his convictions and despite not always getting support from his labels, he has been able to maintain his passionate fanbase.

For Christmas, Ace Hood was blessed with an incredible gift from his wife Shelah Marie. In the clip below, the rapper was brought to tears as he received two plaques that celebrate how many streams he got on his first two independent projects. As his wife noted in the post below, Ace hadn’t received a plaque since becoming independent, and she wanted to show her husband just how much he has accomplished.

“When @acehood was last on a major recording label they were excellent about celebrating wins. Ace has so many plaques in the house from that era. Since Ace went independent, he hasn’t received any plaques for his projects. Ace is too damn talented not to have his flowers while he can smell them” Shelah Marie wrote. “I got plaques made for his first two releases (Trust The Process 1 & 2) since going independent because in this house we don’t wait on the validation we want — we give it ourselves. I love you @acehood.”

It’s a truly wonderful gift that clearly made the rapper happy. He has worked hard all throughout his career and it’s always nice to have some sort of validation for your hard work. We’re sure these two plaques will be proudly hung in his home, with all of the others he has accumulated over the years.

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