Accused of stiffing bar, Kendall Jenner fires back on Twitter

Between her tone deaf Pepsi commercial and appropriative t-shirt line, it’s been a bad couple of months in the press for Kendall Jenner, but her latest “hiccup” looks like it’s probably a misunderstanding.

Over the weekend, a Brooklyn bar and music venue Instagrammed a photo of theKeeping up with the Kardashians star’s $24 signed receipt. Their gripe? The tip field was left completely blank.

“Don’t forget to tip your bartender :)” they cheekily captioned it, leaving “JENNER/KENDALL N”* clearly visible beneath the signature line.

Screenshot via the Daily Mail/Instagram

The photo went viral for obvious reasons, but the bar deleted it hours afterward and gave no explanation as to why. Then, Monday evening, Jenner cleared things up with a single tweet.

First, she embedded a message from a fan: “I love @KendallJenner Im sure theres more to this story. Everyones so quick to judge cause shes part of the Kardashians.” Then Jenner added her own thoughts.

“Damn, I guess next time I won’t tip in cash,” she tweeted.

And just like that, the story makes sense. Is there proof that she tipped in cash? Not that we’re aware ofbut at least the explanation sounds feasible.

*Fun fact: the N. stands for Nicole after Nicole Brown Simpson, Kris Jenner’s dear friend.

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