A$AP Rocky Will Not Take The Stand In His Trial: Report

The assault trial involving A$AP Rocky is underway in Sweden and on Wednesday, the alleged victim in the case, Mustafa Jafari, took the stand. He told the court that he was fearful that Rocky and his entourage were going to beat him to death as it was noted Jafari suffered from multiple injuries sustained during the altercation.

However, Rocky’s attorney made it clear that Jafari wasn’t the only person who was afraid that day. Jafari was following Rocky and harassing him, and because Rocky is an “international, very well-known artist,” there is always a possibility of serious threats against him in public areas. Prosecutors argue that Rocky could have simply ignored Jafari and his friend by turning away from conflict, but per the video that has gone viral on social media, that’s exactly what the rapper and his crew attempted to do multiple times.

On Thursday, TMZ reports that it will be Rocky’s lawyer’s turn to cross-examine Jafari and question him about why he decided to continue stalking the rapper after he was told on numerous occasions to go away. If he was so fearful of these men, Rocky’s team reportedly want to find out why Jafari would follow a supposed threat.

The publication also states that there are currently no plans to have Rocky take the stand because they don’t want him to falter under intense questioning. The sentence for an assault charge of this kind carries a two-year prison sentence, but it’s been reported that prosecutors will not seek a maximum sentence if Rocky is convicted.

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