A Ros Festival Is Happening Next Month & It’s Basically The Coachella Of Wine

If you’re still bitter you blacked out without taking a good Insta at Lolla, then you’ll be psyched to know there’s another festival to fill your Snapchat story with: the Rosé All Day Wine and Music Festival. Or as it should have been named, It’s the Fucking Rosé Wine Mixer.

Obvi it’s being hosted by Rosé All Day—props to them for snagging that name—and it’s basically like if Coachella stopped doing drugs, married a hedge fund bro, and made multiple wedding inspo boards on Pinterest. The company describes the festival as an event where “rosé-lovers can still flaunt chic pink and white outfits while sipping on refreshing rosé” with food, live music, and a shit ton of rosé. But prepare yourself for drunk biddies to repeatedly slur “At the rosé festival we wear pink,” because that’s low-key the dress code.

But wait, there’s more: you can buy fucking bottle service and VIP tickets, but even a regular ticket gets you Rosé All Day merch (blanket and a wine glass). Literally, take my fucking money. If you haven’t already booked your plane ticket for this festival, it’s happening in Dallas, Texas (Texas forever) on October 29. What better way to start your Halloweekend blackout than by dressing up and drinking outdoors?? 

And if you don’t live in Texas, New York has literally the exact same event. It’s called the Pinknic, it happens in June, and it’s essentially just an excuse to wear pink and feel bougie while you get drunk off Whispering Angel. What a time to be alive.

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