A 24-Year-Old And A 69-Year-Old Went On A Date — Totally Naked

Contestants on VH1’s “Dating Naked” certainly have to leave their inhibitions at the door, in the series which is exactly as it sounds people dating completely nude. 

But on this week’s forthcoming episode airing Wednesday, July 20 24-year-old contestant Natalie Jansen also had to keep an open mind when she first caught a glimpse of her date. 

“When I first saw him coming around the corner, I thought ‘Oh my god,’ but Bob is actually pretty awesome,” she said in a clip from the soon-to-be-aired episode on Entertainment Weekly. 

Bob isn’t your typical contestant. You see, Bob is 69-years-old. 

Natalie and Bob were good sports, engaging in an alcohol-water gun fight. Things got pretty sticky, but it had nothing to do with the pair’s 45-year age gap.

“I think she likes older men,” he said.

Indeed, Natalie seemed to be pleased with what she saw. “His butt isn’t so bad for an old man!” she said.

And that’s not all she was taken by. 

“My generation sucks … these guys don’t know how to treat a lady. They don’t know how to open doors or anything like that,” she said. 

Bob’s courting skills were clearly impressive, though this is probably not what dating was like back in the day. 

h/t Entertainment Weekly

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