Stevie Wonder joins #takeaknee protest against Trump’s attack on NFL players

Singers shows solidarity with sports stars after the president said players who have knelt on the field to protest police brutality were sons… 0

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance: heavy on the hits, light on the politics

Lady Gaga delivered an athletic and accomplished Super Bowl half-time performance that used entertainment as distraction rather than political protest Lady Gaga delivered… 0

Will the ascent of Donald Trump make American athletes irate again? | Bryan Armen Graham

If sport is a microcosm of life the ascent of Donald Trump is no different with LeBron James and Tom Brady among those… 0

Twickenham prepares for its NFL debut: mascots, merchandise and Craig David

Rugbys ultra-traditional spiritual home stages its first NFL match on Sunday New York Giants v LA Rams. Its going to be quite a… 0

Tottenham and NFL confident London link-up will provide mutual benefits

Spurs 10-year deal to host NFL games at their new stadium could mean a London-based NFL franchise sooner than we think and in… 0

Colin Kaepernicks critics are ignoring the target of his protest | Bryan Armen Graham

By discussing whether the quarterbacks national anthem protest is unpatriotic, America is failing to confront police brutality, profiling and racial inequality A few… 0

Colin Kaepernicks anthem protest is right: blanket rah-rah patriotism means nothing

The US is having a toddler meltdown because the footballer insulted the special magic song about the flag. But national pride is earned… 0

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