‘Death and dying’

Up in smoke: should an author’s dying wishes be obeyed?

Harper Lee never wanted Go Set a Watchman brought out, Sylvia Plaths diary was burned by Ted Hughes the controversial world of literary… 0

It was an incredibly enriching day: the families taking control of death

We plan for births, but fail to take full charge with deaths. Annalisa Barbieri meets the families who are building coffins, cancelling the… 0

The final act of love: ‘I knew I wanted to keep him with me’

As people search for ways to reclaim death from the funeral industry, a home vigil can help with the grieving process Pete Thorpe… 0

The president’s brain is missing and other mysteriously mislaid body parts

President Kennedy isn't the only famous person to have lost a body part after death; Einstein, Beethoven and Galileo are among many others… 0

Aisling Bea: My fathers death has given me a love of men, of their vulnerability and tenderness

The comedians father killed himself when she was three. She was plagued by the fact he made no mention of her or her… 0

How science found a way to help coma patients communicate

The long read: After suffering serious brain injuries, Scott Routley spent 12 years in a vegetative state. But his family were convinced that… 0

The Guardian view on celebrity deaths: a dramatic meaning | Editorial

Editorial: Extravagant mourning for celebrity musicians is a way to confront our own mortality The deaths of musicians and actors may not be… 0

No to opera houses; yes to rivers the dos and donts of scattering ashes

When an opera buff sprinkled his friends remains in the orchestra pit of the Met, it caused a terror scare. Heres a quick… 0

Get rich or try dying how musicians estates are the biggest earners in pop

Michael Jacksons estate made $115m last year proof that artists work can carry on making a fortune after their death. From Nick Drake… 0

Dust to dust: mourning the dead at Burning Man

One of the biggest parties on earth isnt just about having a goodtime. Many come to Burning Man to grieve and inter the… 0

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