6ix9ine Resurfaces In Cuba Following Brutal Gym Beating: Report

He won’t feel safe stepping outside in the U.S. anytime soon. However, 6ix9ine seems to be having the time of his life in Cuba following his recent gym assault. Last week, the New Yorker was the victim of a brutal beatdown while visiting an L.A. Fitness location without his security team. At the time he was taken to hospital after sustaining injuries to his face. Sources close to him revealed that he wasn’t planning on leaving his home in Florida or switching workout facilities anytime soon.

According to XXL Mag, the embattled artist may have changed his mind. A video of 6ix9ine frolicking outside in Cuba surfaced online yesterday (March 27). He’s said to be staying in the rural area of Pinar del Rio. In the brief clip, he smiles from wear to ear while walking along an embankment. He appears to be enjoying the warm weather, wearing a hat and an unbuttoned shirt. The energy around the “GOOBA” artist overseas is clearly high. The camera caught him being warmly embraced by a little one as the post comes to an end.

6ix9ine Spotted in Cuba

Seeing as the post didn’t come from 6ix9ine himself, we can’t officially confirm whether or not he’s relocated to the island for the time being. Seeing as he’s visited in the past, it’s entirely possible internet trolls could be using old footage in an attempt to cause a stir online. Still, though, the 26-year-old seems to be laying low in wake of the wild attack. He may not have much to publicly say on the matter, but plenty of other celebrities, as well as friends and family members have chimed in.

His baby mama, Sara Molina, believes that their 7-year-old daughter will likely be embarrassed by 6ix9ine’s actions when she’s old enough to understand the situation. Additionally, she called her ex “reckless” for failing to surround himself with an adequate security team. Elsewhere in the news, Charleston White has been speaking out in defence of the victim, and accordingly putting those clowning him and his injuries on blast. Read more about that here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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