6ix9ine Hasn't Met 2-Year-Old Daughter Claims Alleged Baby Mama Layna

Often, when Tekashi 6ix9ine’s family troubles are discussed, we’re either speaking about his upbringing or his arduous relationship with Sara Molina, his ex and the mother of his five-year-old daughter, Saraiyah. Molina and 6ix9ine have regularly spoken out about their failed relationship and co-parenting woes over the years, but Layna, the alleged mother of the rapper’s two-year-old daughter, has recently come forward. Sara stated that 6ix9ine didn’t see their daughter for the holidays and Layna later said that he hasn’t even met her daughter in person.

“DANIEL still hasn’t MET our 2 year old daughter,” Layna wrote. “I stay lowkey and struggle in quiet and get sh*t done on my own. no help no childsupport everything done is all me on my own. Im the one that wrote a letter to help him get out TO MEET OUR DAUGHTER not for him to neglect and abandon her. I’ve gotten no phone call no attempt to see the baby and he lives not far from me theres no excuses.”

“Over here we could only dream he’d offer to send my daughter gifts or want to meet her,” she continued. “So many babymothers on ig that receive some kind of help or child support always complaining to ig about there bd there are mothers that have it way harder than you ! be grateful cause you could be in another mothers shoes. rant over.”

Check out her post below and read our interview with Sara Molina: “Sara Molina Talks 6ix9ine: Their Daughter, Past Relationship Failures & More.”

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