6ix9ine Gets Extra Disrespectful: "King Von Is Burning In Hell"

You can’t stoop much lower than Tekashi 6ix9ine has in recent weeks. The disgraceful Brooklyn-based rapper has reached new levels of disrespect following the release of his new single and music video for “ZAZA”, which he claims Meek Mill is trying to sabotage by sending a cease and desist letter. As he says in a previously-unreleased tape from Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine, the rapper is embracing his villainous vibes, comparing himself to The Joker and attempting to become the most notorious bad guy ever in hip-hop.

He’s continuing his recent run by disrespecting a number of high-ranking rap figures, including Meek Mill and Lil Durk, as well as some deceased rappers, including King Von. Devoting a few main feed posts to his beef with Durk and Von on Instagram, 6ix9ine continued his barrage of disgusting comments.

“KING VON: And When I Die imma find Tooka ass and imma beat him up,” wrote 6ix9ine, quoting the late rapper dissing Tooka. “LIL DURK: Smoking on this TOOKA pack. 6ix9ine: KING VON rest in Piss. EVERYONE: 69 you to disrespectful.” The rapper was seemingly attempting to call out a double standard among rap fans. “Straight jokes … at least his wish came true,” said 6ix9ine, further dissing Von. 

In a second post, 6ix9ine shares Tooka’s mother’s message from a few weeks ago, tearfully asking rappers to stop using her son’s death as a meme. “TOOKA MOM CRYING BEGGING THEM TO STOP,” wrote 6ix9ine, antagonizing Lil Durk and Only The Family. “DONT WORRYY MISS TOOKA KING VON SLEEPING DROWING IN PISS IN THE DIRT!!!! HE WENT OUT WORST THEN YOUR SON!! ALL HIS FRIENDS RAN ON HIM!!”

The nasty comments continued on DJ Akademiks’ page, with possibly the worst one yet. “King Von is burning in hell and I’m here for it,” he said.

6ix9ine’s reputation is about as bad as it gets, so this likely won’t do much to damage his name any further. That doesn’t erase how disgusting his remarks were.

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