50 Cent Simultaneously Praises & Trolls Nelly For Dating Mayweather Jr.'s Ex

If 50 Cent ever sees an opportunity to troll his adversaries, you best believe that he will. His list of enemies is long and includes his firstborn son and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Things between Fif and Floyd have gone on for years and it probably won’t end anytime soon — 50 Cent’s having too much fun with it. That being said, he got a bit messy in the comment section of a recent Instagram post from Nelly who is currently dating Shantel Jackson, Floyd’s ex. “Fly shit, nelly you stole champ bitch,” he wrote. “He just mad at me, that little n***a hate you. LOL.” Fif might be on to something considering that Floyd and Shantel are still dealing with some court issues.

Fif’s sentiments echo what he said back in October. The rapper shared a video on Instagram clowning Floyd Mayweather Jr. after Gervonta Davis allegedly took one of Mayweather’s girls. He pointed out that Nelly and Ray J have also taken Mayweather’s girls in the past.

Of course, Mayweather didn’t keep quiet. Hopping on Instagram, he shared a screenshot of an article about Fif’s baby mama alleging the rapper and TV exec. had genital herpes. It seems like Fif’s recent jab at the champ could’ve been in response to that. 

These two don’t seem like they’ll be getting friendly with each other at any point in the near future. 

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